Wybron, Inc announces the launch of its Outdoor BP-2 Beam Projector. This new fixture is designed specifically for outdoor applications and is based on Wybron’s successful BP-2 Beam Projector designed for theatre applications.

The Outdoor BP-2 is IP65 rated, has all the light characteristics of the original BP-2, and is designed to prevent leakage in any outdoor lighting project regardless of the weather.

Built entirely of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners, the Outdoor BP-2 can be lamped with an 800W tungsten or 150W discharge source. This outdoor beam projector produces an extremely intense soft edge, narrow 10º beam of light several times more intense than an ordinary spotlight of similar wattage. It also features variable focusing capabilities.

The Outdoor BP-2 was originally designed at the request of lighting designer Howard Brandston for the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork, Ireland. Brandston was sourcing a unique lighting effect that could take advantage of the large amount of rain the region receives. “The Outdoor BP-2 produces a great beam of light with a unique ability to make raindrops sparkly like diamonds,” notes Brandston. “Wybron did a great job of turning around the outdoor projector’s design to meet my specific needs and requirements. Wybron was capable of quickly delivering all of my units, as well.”

Larry Turner, Wybron CEO, comments, “It was a fun project that allowed us to work closely with Howard and his team to develop a rugged beam projector that will hold up under extreme weather conditions. We are pleased that we could provide this uniquely designed unit to help Howard realize his artistic vision for the center’s outdoor projects.”