Xpander is a hardware and software video wall option to create, manage, and control information display systems across multiple screens, up to 64 total, by inserting a range of up to 16 graphics cards, each supporting up to four screens. Constructing a multi-screen data/video wall enables the display to be arranged in any rectangular format with optional video overlays support. In addition, multiple independent video windows can be displayed simultaneously and can be scaled to full screen with horizontal and vertical interpolation for higher-quality images. The package includes wall control-management software, which includes a special multi-screen display driver for use with Microsoft Windows XP. The software offers configuration of the multi-screen display, launch of video overlays, and creation of a wall layout. The system supports Flash, PowerPoint, Adobe, Movies (MPEG, WMV), QuickTime, RealPlayer, Internet, Scrolling Text, or News/RSS feeds. It offers resolution of 1900×1200 on an analog display and can be extended over Cat-6 cable using VCAT SmartAVI products.