LSI Industries Inc., working with partner Nocturne Productions/Vidicon, has introduced another solid-state innovation called V-Lite. Following the success of the V9 video system, V-Lite is built upon LSI’s SmartVision® technology. One of the judges notes, “Lightweight and modular in design, this exciting new solid-state product lets you create a high quality 28mm see-through video screen with no visible wires in no time. Further, it is very lightweight, which means compact packing, extremely easy and quick setup and teardown, and lower shipping costs. On a recent concert tour, a 25'x75' screen was assembled in less than one hour. Similar products require multiple hours of setup and usually have visible wiring that disrupts the ‘clean’ look of a see-through system. Add the Vidicon V9 processing, and it delivers unreasonably good image, definition, and color.”