Launched in January, Lighthouse’s brand new R16i/o-II 16mm LED screen has already sold over 1,000 units, with 80% of those sold in Europe.

With 16mm pixel pitch, 5000 Nits of brightness and high contrast level, the lightweight R16i/o-II also features Lighthouse’s M4 color uniformity.

XL Video has already made a significant investment in 482 panels of R16i/o-II, and it has become a major contribution of the company. “The R16 is currently our most popular indoor/outdoor screen,” says XL Video’s senior project manager Phil Mercer. “This is due to the combination of stunning picture quality, extremely lightweight, and amazing reliability.”

Major Spanish screen rental company, Impacto, has also invested in a large quantity of R16i/o-II panels. Key to the investment was the inherent flexibility of the product: the company’s inventory now features less different types of screen, but it can service more events.

“Impacto chose R16i/o-II because customers want a product with excellent resolution, and that it can be used indoors as well as at outdoor events,” says Roberto Segato, Lighthouse Southern Europe sales director. “It made the most cost-effective purchase, but also provided a resource which would be continually in demand from clients, not sitting in the warehouse where it’s not earning back its investment.”

Further major purchases of the R16i/o-II screen have been made by VC Media (Austria), Bytecraft Entertainment (Australia), Videoreport (Spain), Mediateknik (Sweden), Alabama Media (France), LEDVision (South Africa), Impecto Production (Spain), Master View (Mexico), and LDL in the US.

“We are extremely pleased, although not altogether surprised, that R16i/o-II screen has taken off in such a spectacular way,” says Lighthouse managing director, Mark Chan. “Once again it proves that we see the market demands and provide exactly the products the customer needs; our unsurpassed quality further reinforces customer confidence that their investment will be repaid many times over.”