Livid Instruments is proud to announce Ohm, their latest hardware instrument. Ohm is a real-time MIDI control surface designed to give digital audio and video performers an interface for performance and presentation.

Ohm is a custom-built instrument for a new breed of digital artist. “We have spent the past couple of years designing the ultimate performance instrument,” explains Livid Instruments president Jay Smith. “Ohm fills the hardware void for digital artists seeking hardware instrumentation for their software instruments. We designed this to give the VJ, DJ, musician, and digital artist real hands-on control.” Smith goes on, “Innovative audio and VJ software has revolutionized the way music and video is produced, but the lack of real hardware instruments to control these software’s have limited performance. We aim to free artists from relying on their laptops alone, and give them the controllers they need to bring physical expression back into performance.”

Livid custom manufactures their controllers with the same techniques used in traditional instrument building. The Ohm is designed for performance and features a bank of 36 buttons centrally located over a DJ style cross fader, eight faders with button triggers, ten rotary knobs, twelve function buttons, and a BPM tap button. Ohm offers easy USB connectivity and also has a standard MIDI out connector for both digital and analog MIDI integration. All of the controls on the instrument are LED backlight for performance.

Ohm includes a free copy of the new Livid Union 2.5 VJ software, completely integrated to match the controls of the instrument. Ohm also comes with demo versions of audio software titles Ableton Live, and FLStudio for complete audio and video performance.

The Ohm is available in two models: handcrafted mahogany and rugged rack mount metal. The wood model is ideal as a portable instrument and studio controller, while the metal model provides a convenient 5u rack mount design for easy rack integration.