Livid Instruments joins Chayanne’s current 100-city world tour, adding a unique blend of visual performance and real time video manipulation. The Puerto Rican pop singer is known for his energetic dance numbers and power ballads, and he takes a stage covered in video for his 2007 Cautivo world tour. Chayanne has used video in previous tours, but Livid’s design for Cautivo offers unique interactivity that breathes a new life into the artist’s 25 year touring history.

“We always aim integrate the visuals as part of the performance, and with the amount of video we have on set, we needed to be very intentional with how we designed each song”, says Jay Smith video designer for the tour and founder of Livid. “We incorporate the dancers, music, and the artist within the visuals to underscore the relationship between the live performers and the video. We want the video to emphasize the drama, not compete with the show.” Working closely with choreographer Nancy O’Meara, Chayanne, and the dancers, Livid created a video show that matches the eclectic musical and dance styles Chayanne is known for.

Livid’s video director Jay Senk controls and performs the show each night from his Livid Vrack Media Server, mixing the imagery, video feeds, and effects in real time. The live video production for is an original mixture of abstract animations, live video manipulation, and carefully crafted visuals that match the beat and flow of the music.

The set design is a mixture of Soft LED, fiber optics, and projection that brings together the latest video, performance, and lighting technologies. Smith adds, “We are always looking to exploit the latest in video technologies, and having Main Light’s Soft LED was essential for the tour. It allows us to literally drape the video around the staging and totally integrate it as part of the set.”

Much of the over two hour long show features composed video sequences and striking visuals that blur the line between live performance and visual design. Livid, known for its organic visuals and innovative style utilizes Chayanne’s tightly choreographed dance routines to bring the set to life.