Element Labs recently announced its entry into the video market with the debut of the Versa® Bank video-mapped lighting system.

“We’re creating a paradigm shift in the world of professional lighting,” says Rich Pierceall, director of sales and marketing for Element Labs. “Our Kelvin series will do for film and video lighting what nonlinear editing did for post-production. It will provide an innovative platform for the development of new tools and more accurate control of the lighting environment.”

Element Labs’ involvement in film and video lighting developed over the past couple of years, starting with the application of its Versa products as video-mapped key lighting on several film projects. This led to the development of Versa Bank: an intelligent LED fixture that combines lighting and video to achieve realistic motion lighting effects.

“We’re getting more and more calls from creative DPs and lighting designers looking to apply our technology,” says Element Labs director of special projects, Jeremy Hochman. Versa Bank has been proven on major motion pictures, like Zodiac, and music video productions, like Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” video.