The Barco LEDPRO is an all-in-one signal processor that compliments the existing D320 image processing line. The LEDPRO provides a solution for applications that do not require the advanced window features found in the D320.

The LEDPRO accepts both analog and digital video input signals and processes them to drive Barco LED walls. The unit incorporates easy-to-use front panel controls. Four universal inputs are provided and are selectable via the front panel. The unit incorporates Barco’s proprietary Athena scaling technology to provide high image quality with very low transport delay.

Some of its performance features include: four inputs accept a combination of RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB computer video, Component video (std or HDTV), S-video, Composite video, DVI and SDI/HDSDI sources; 64 independent memory presets; and can decode NTSC, PAL. It features Ethernet for real-time control. The LEDPRO is capable of many effects, such as pan and zoom, freeze, transition to/from stored logo, and user-defined aspect ratio conversion and adjustments.