Barco has launched a new addition to its OLITE family of LED products at Infocomm 2006, the OLITE 612.

The new OLITE 612, has a pixel pitch of 12mm and has an ultra bright light output of 6000NITs. It also features a radical new shader design which results in much darker black levels, especially in broad daylight. When combined with the high brightness light output, the OLite 612 delivers vastly improved contrast levels, critical in outdoor events such as live concerts.

Built specifically for the demanding rental and staging market, the OLITE 612 is designed for creative applications as well as the classic Image Magnification (IMAG) applications. Each tile can be easily split up into 48 small, square individual modules enabling creative display designs of any size and shape. The concept has proven to be very attractive to show designers who are looking to move beyond the use of video as pure image magnification. The modularity allows designers to integrate LED screen technology into set designs and to let video flow over surfaces and truly harmonize with the overall visual concept. The OLITE 612 is also suitable for creative fixed installations.

The use of SMD technology enables wide viewing angles and uniformity at very short viewing distances. OLITE also features high brightness, high resolution, superior color depth and uniformity (15-bit processing), and IP65 rating (front and back).