Bandit Lites recently held a three-day open house at their Nashville location to showcase Barco’s latest product, the DML-1200. Attendees were part of the exclusive final feedback group for the revolutionary product, which is the first moving digital luminaire that can operate in two modes: video and light.

In video mode, the DML-1200 features a liquid-cooled, sealed DLP light engine that produces an SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) image that can be optically dimmed to true black from its 10,000 lumen brightness. In light mode, the unit produces a perfectly circular beam with a brightness equivalent to a 1,200W arc source moving head luminaire.

The hands-on workshop provided attendees first-hand experience with the gear. Barco lighting market business development manager, Ken Romaine and creative lighting technical specialist, Mike Andrews were available to answer questions and demonstrate features and functionality. The MiTrix and MiStrip products were also on-hand.

"We had a great week at Bandit, Ken Romaine comments. “A lot of designers, lighting directors, and other lighting professionals got their first 'up close and personal' look at the new Barco DML-1200. It appeared that everyone who saw it was excited about the light's capabilities and the creative possibilities that the luminaire opens up."