Belgian-based Barco has partnered with IBM Global Financing to develop a new lease offering to help rental and staging companies more easily acquire Barco projector technology.

The new CLM Lease Offering, backed by IBM Global Financing, gives companies the opportunity to access Barco’s CLM line of projectors, designed and built specifically for the demanding rental and staging market.

“For years, large concert promoters and event planners have relied on the Barco name to bring high-tech visualization and lighting technology to the stage,” notes Paul Foulkes, vice president, Vendor Financing, IGF. “Thanks to this leasing program, smaller rental companies will also get the chance to acquire Barco’s state-of-the-art projection technology. We are delighted to incorporate a financing program with Barco to support those companies as they grow their business.”

The offering provides an easy and affordable monthly payments structure for the state of the art projector line, including the CLM HD8, a compact 8,500 lumen Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector with full high-definition (1,920x1,080) resolution and the CLM R10+, a 10,000 lumen DLP projector that delivers a brilliant, sharp and consistent image.

“Barco has specifically designed this program with IBM Global Financing to get sophisticated DLP and high definition projector technology into the hands of rental and staging companies in the small to mid-market arena,” says Stephan Paridaen, president of Barco’s Media & Entertainment division. “While we are proud to see our brand featured at many of the larger headliner concerts around the world, there is also a lot of demand for our technology at smaller corporate events and conferences.”

A recent survey of rental and staging specialists by InfoComm International®, found that most respondents anticipate a modest increase in their capital spending this year with the greatest increase in spending on projection equipment. Some 40 percent of those surveyed expect to increase their investments in this area.

The Barco-IBM Global Financing program will be rolled out, for credit qualified customers initially, in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Customers interested in the CLM Lease Offering can choose from special lease packages developed for the CLM HD8 and R10+ mid-venue projectors, including the lens of their choice, a rigging kit, and Barco image processing advance equipment.