Analog Way announces the availability of the EQZ450 and the Sync Processor. The EQZ450 is a universal equalizer interface designed to drive computer or video signals over-long distance cables to monitors, screens, projectors, and other video display devices. The Sync Processor (model SPI400) is an interface that adapts computer signals to monitors, screens, projectors, and other video display devices requirements.

The new EQZ450 was developed to handle any kind of input format and synchronization (RGsB, RGB/S, Component, YUV-HD, RGB HV). The Equalizer also features a powerful booster / equalizer function. The very high-resolution video signal (Computer, SD, or HD) can be driven on up to 300m/1000ft.

A high-grade compensation cable function offers a continuous tuning to precisely fit the cable length and quality. It enables to obtain the best quality picture possible (sharpness and echo free) to applications, providing a clearer, brighter, and more contrasted image. The Equalizer also features an RGB HV input on BNC or HD15F with loop monitoring. The equalized output is available on either BNC or HD15.

EQZ 450 features:
• 450 MHz bandwidth
• High quality cable loss compensation
• Continuous cable length adjustment
• Built-in power supply

The Sync Processor can handle most input formats and synchronizations (RGsB, RGB/S, RGB HV).

Sync Processor features automatic detection of the input synchronisation signal, and converts it to SOG, HV Composite or separate H and V. The synchronization type of signal can be independently set on each of the two outputs.

Sync Processor Interface is also a booster / equalizer, a high-resolution video signal (on BNC) can be driven on a BNC output up to 300m/1000ft*.

Sync Processor features:
• 400 MHz bandwidth
• High quality cable loss compensation
• Universal automatic input sync processing
• Universal built-in power supply