Now club and restaurant owners can add a dash of panache to their piano bars and lounges with Pianomation® GloKeys™ from QRS Music Technologies, Inc. The new product transforms traditional ebony and keys into a rainbow of brilliant colors.

Using state-of-the-art Superflux™ RGB LED technology, Pianomation GloKeys create a customizable lightshow on virtually any keyboard. The system replaces standard black keys with clear keys that are then backlit with the Superflux diodes. The backlit keys can display anything from one single color to a spectrum of vivid hues. Special effects such as pulsing, color washing, speed-controlled color changes, fading or chasing can also be used to increase the visual impact of the keys. GloKeys can also be custom designed for any club, restaurant or other venue by applying patterns or logos to the underside of the keys.

GloKeys are part of the Pianomation System, which uses advanced computer technology to turn any piano into a self-playing instrument and entertainment center with vocals, full background instrumentation, recording capabilities and much more. Featuring a library of titles from virtually every musical genre and era, the Pianomation system can be operated remotely from behind a bar, in an office or anywhere in the restaurant.

A live pianist can also play pianos with Pianomation GloKeys, with or without background accompaniment. The instrument retains it full acoustical properties (sound and touch are not effected) even after the system is installed by a factory-trained QRS technician. Pianomation is available as original equipment on Story & Clark grand pianos or as a retrofit add-on to any piano.

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