ETC’s Source Four has become a standard lighting fixture, with more than 1.7 million Source Fours used worldwide. Now, with the release of three new Source Four field-angle versions to fill the gaps in any lighting rig, lighting designers and technicians will have a Source Four for every throw distance. The new Source Fours will be released in 14°, 70°, and 90° versions in May. Each of these new spotlights will feature the functionality, ruggedness and optical power of the Source Four brand, while adding new flexibility to any light plot.

The Source Four 14° is an ideal solution for 40’ to 60’ distances: intermediate throws such as balcony-rail and other front-of-house positions, places where a 10° is too narrow and a 19° too wide. Its optical performance makes the 14° a solution for both area lighting and ultra-crisp gobo projection.

The Source Four 70° and 90° field-angle units are a long-awaited solution for ultra-short throw challenges: restricted trim heights, low dance-lighting positions, scenic washes, and pattern projections from close distances. Beyond theatre application, these new field angles bring Source Four intensity and coverage to meeting rooms, retail environments, and other special-event spaces.

The 14°, 70° and 90° Source Fours will also be available in HID versions for architectural applications, benefiting from a 12,000-hour long-life, high-intensity discharge lamp. In addition to a standard black finish, the new Source Four units will be available in white, silver and custom colors.