Vocus is a Microsoft Windows-based application that literally lets users tell lights what to do by allowing vocal commands to control a DMX lighting system. Developed to make the process of focusing lights quicker, it allows any standard microphone to plug into a computer (wireless mics are ideal) and allows the use of standard voice commands to control DMX levels. It converts a user's voice into DMX signals and outputs them to dimmers or moving lights through a USB or Ethernet interface. Compatible equipment includes Enttec's Open DMX USB Interface, DMXEtherGate, and Artistic Licence's Art-Net enabled interfaces. The application uses voice recognition software that is trained by users in their own voice, so it always understands them. Control of up to 512 channels is possible and done via logical, standard commands, such as “Channel 7 at full” or “Channel 4 thru 46 fade to 50.” Free demo versions are available at www.enttec.com/vocus.php.
Enttec Pty Ltd.
Kew, Australia
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ColorWash 250 AT

The ColorWash 250 AT is designed for television, theatrical, and architectural applications where low noise is crucial. It is also appropriate for clubs, installations, and scenic lighting of all types. A completely new optical system makes it 50% brighter than its predecessor. The CMY color mixing system features a color wheel with a new set of six saturated colors plus open and the slot-and-lock method for quick and easy replacement. The motorized zoom effect ranges from 8° to 32°. A frost filter and a beam shaper are available on the effects wheel. Additional features include full 16-bit resolution, color wheel positioning, and dimming.
Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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MAC 700 Profile

The MAC 700 Profile was designed to fill the gap between Martin's 575W MAC 550 and the 1200W MAC 2000 Profile. The fixture combines the efficiency of a 700W double-ended lamp and new glass reflector technology for optimized output. A full CMY color mixing system and eight-position color wheel are included, and all colors are replaceable. A gobo animation system is also included, as are two gobo wheels with replaceable gobos: a six-slot plus open, rotating gobo wheel with 16-bit accuracy and a nine-slot plus open, fixed gobo wheel. A fully motorized zoom is capable of beam angles from 14° to 30°. Lenses come with optical coatings to decrease light loss and provide a better projection quality. The lens system also comes with remote focus control. A combined dimmer/shutter is capable of very smooth fades. The dimmer also works as a shutter for instantaneous blackouts and variable speed strobe effects. A motorized iris is included for reducing the beam size, as is a replaceable, rotating, three-facet prism. Additional features include: 540° pan and 246° tilt; a new pan and tilt motor driver system; 16-bit movement; and an intelligent position correction system. The fixture is only available with electronic ballast, providing flicker-free operation, lower weight, extended lamp life, and a power saving mode. Also fitted is a switchable power supply that requires no tools to select different voltage settings.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Elation Professional
Vision Scan 575

Vision Scan 575 is a 575W DMX professional scanner designed for large concert halls, arenas, stage tours, or major theatrical productions. It is equipped with a Philips MSR-575 575W lamp, magnified by a high-output luminous parabolic dichroic reflector optical system that intensifies the strength of its beam. It also features three beam angle positions — 18°, 20°, or 22°. A moving mirror fixture, it features 170° of pan and 80° of tilt. Features include an iris; frost filter; gobo scrolling; gobo shake effect; three-facet prism, which rotates in both directions at variable speeds; eight colors plus white; split colors; color scrolling; and two independent gobo wheels — the first with three lithographic, one glass, and three metal rotating/indexing gobos and the second with seven static metal gobos. With 16 DMX channels, it can be operated with any standard DMX controller, or it can run stand alone in sound-active mode. Special DMX control options include: 16 pan/tilt preprogrammed movements via DMX, built-in programs via DMX, and pan/tilt/gobo/color and prism set to sound active mode via DMX. Up to 16 units can be linked together and run master-slave. Other features include: four-digit LED display, remote focus via DMX, mechanical dimming 0-100%, and mechanical high-speed shutter and pulse effect. The fixture is fan-cooled.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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LED Candle

The LED Candle flickers like a real candle without the smoke or carcinogens. The lamps operate for more than 100,000 hours (10+ years), while running time is at nearly 192 hours (eight days) on two replaceable AAA-cell batteries. The light is appropriate for theatrical productions, window displays, themed attractions, restaurants, clubs, table light, and more.
LEDtronics Inc.
Torrance, CA
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Automation specialists Kinesys and product designers Carallon have developed K2, a new motion control software solution. The software allows any item — prop, scenery, lighting truss, etc. — whether flown, tracked, or revolved, to be dealt with in terms of its own movement, rather than the movement of the devices that support it. This flexibility simplifies the communication between designer and programmer. A request like “tilt another 5°” is programmed logically and practically as exactly that. The movement of pieces can be monitored and programmed from any angle with its 3D view feature. The operator can move around anywhere and on any plane within the 3D world, flying the viewpoint camera in and around the objects, zooming in and out, as needed. Programming of motion is equally straightforward with a graphical 3D interface. K2 can control any device, from chain hoists to the most sophisticated variable-speed winches. It will also operate existing Kinesys equipment for full backward compatibility. Easy importing of 3D worlds and moving objects is possible via industry-standard CAD packages. Motion effects, collision detection systems, and many other features are included.
London, UK
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Ice*lighting provides visual entertainment effects through LED and Bead*light® Technologies as well as converging light and video technologies to provide wide area video effects across split batten arrays without the use of a media server. Each batten contains over 300,000 micro lenses, which provide unique color blending effects with little attenuation of the light, the result of which delivers multi-colored light and a viewing angle in excess of 140°. The blending is enhanced by the use of 384 individually controlled tricolor LEDs per batten, offering high definition pixelation with no apparent point sources. Features include: a library of stored animations; ability to design and control individual battens or arrays of battens; and importing of images, animations, and video clips. Eight DMX channels per batten control sequences across 1,152 emitters. For eight channels of DMX one gets: complex sequences, individual batten control, speed control, freeze frame and frame nudge facility, real time RGB control, and real time dimming.
Oxfordshire, UK
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American DJ
H2O 250

H2O 250 is a 250W version of the original with upgraded features and a lower price. Like its predecessor, the H2O 250 is a background mood effect for lounges and intimate club areas. Wave-like patterns and colors are delivered via an improved optic system, and it is equipped with a new electronic transformer, which makes the unit more lightweight. Additionally, the case now features protective plastic end molds. A larger cooling fan has also been added, allowing it to run continuously all night with no duty cycles. Circuit breaker protection eliminates the need to change fuses. Features include eight colors plus white, two operational modes, seamless color scrolling, or static color operation. The fixture comes with an LL-ELC 24V 250W lamp.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Livid Instruments
Union Video
Performance Update

Union 1.5 for Apple Mac OS X is now available, a major upgrade to the live video performance software. New features include a larger clip library, effects triggers, clip sequencer, easy to use LFOs, integrated MIDI templates, four effects layers, and an optimized engine for real time performance. All effects processing and mixing are done in real time, so there are no render times. MIDI integration allows hardware control from almost any MIDI device. An array of effects — from pixel reductions to color controls to texture maps onto 3D objects — gives the artist potential for limitless images from a single video clip. Offstage, high-quality recording gives content creators a new way to manipulate images without using a timeline editor. Union 1.5 is available for a free demo download and purchase from the Livid Instruments website. System requirements: Macintosh G4 400Mhz, 256 MB Ram OS X 10.2 or later, 800Mhz, 512MB RAM preferred.
Livid Instruments
New York, NY
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Personal Edition 2.2

ProjectMaker Personal Edition is a fully functional, 30-day demo for both Mac and Windows based on the Pro version (a multi-user business system designed for special events and productions) and offering all of the features of Pro in a single-user setting. New features include the ability to track projects and profit; inclusion of dates and location on proposals; and bug fixes. The demo version may be converted into a fully operational version after purchase, thus eliminating the need to start over with a purchased copy. The Personal Edition requires no additional software to run. Both versions are available for the Apple MAC OS and Microsoft Windows XP platforms.
Berkeley, CA
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High End Systems
Hog® iPC Supports
Three Monitors

The Hog® iPC console contains three applications (Hog 3PC, Hog 2PC, and Hog iPC configuration panel), all of which have been updated. The configuration panel is the central utility program for interfacing with the elements of the system. Now, users can enable a third monitor or touchscreen connected to the DVI port of the console. Also released is an updated version of the Hog 3PC software. This version contains all the features and enhancements from the recently released Wholehog® 3 console software v1.3.8. Additional improvements have been made to the Hog 2PC software as well, including bug fixes and a new auto-save on exit option.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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RenderWorks Recipe Book
Updated for VectorWorks 11.5

The second edition of the RenderWorks Recipe Book, a how-to guide for VectorWorks 11 and 11.5, is now available on CD or as a printed volume with more than 50% new content. Developed by long-time VectorWorks user and architect Dan Jansenson as a more detailed supplement to the RenderWorks manual, 26 fully illustrated chapters describe essential tasks with step-by-step instructions, screen shots, and graphics. The book also suggests default rendering settings. For more information, visit the VectorWorks Training Guides web page, www.nemetschek.net/training/guides.html.
Nemetschek North America
Columbia, MD
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Universal Adaptor

Martin's new universal adaptor lessens damage to any internal components in automated lights. Lighting professionals often need to fasten an adaptor onto a lighting fixture's motor axle. A common way of doing this is by screwing a setscrew mounted on the adaptor into the axle. However, this can cause a number of problems as the axle becomes burred, and the adaptor becomes difficult to remove. Damage to CMY wheels, dimmers, and other components often occurs. This aluminum design is less prone to creep thus reducing burrs on the axle. It is more tolerant with regard to the mounting torque applied to the screw. It also minimizes angular hole movement. The new adaptor will be utilized in all Martin products.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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