Wireless Solution Sweden is proud to present the brand new generation of W-DMX in the form of the W-DMX BlackBox.

Below is a list of all the new functions of the BlackBox, and all functions are available also for OEM to consoles and fixtures:

1. Signal strength indicator.
2. Battery function, UPS for up to six hours on several units.
3. Improved chassis in die-cast aluminum.
4. Improved antenna connector.
5. DMX In/Out or DMX out x 2.
6. DMX over Ethernet, in total 4 RJ45.
7. Option to run all units on low-voltage power supply.
8. Approved Worldwide for FCC, ETSI as well Japanese standards.
9. Available in output for 375mW (FCC) and 100mW (Europe / Asia).
10. Indoor and outdoor models.