Schneider Electric’s Square D® PowerLink® lighting control group has announced an update to include DMX protocol to its G3 Ethernet-based controller.

The DMX protocol allows programmers and operators to connect directly to the lighting panelboard foregoing the bulky and time-consuming conditions caused by relay panels with hundreds of wires and components that often must be reconfigured before each new performance. PowerLink panels incorporate a remotely operated circuit breaker that eliminates the need for individual branch circuit relays, relay cabinets, and interface wiring. In addition, all aspects of article 409 of the 2005 National Electric Code are met by the PowerLink lighting panels–a task that will be very difficult to accomplish with traditional relay and contactor cabinets.

"The user can easily and remotely turn off and turn on lights to dressing rooms, cat walks, stage areas, and control rooms," says Mike Brown, PowerLink national account manager. "From an easy-to-use Web interface, lighting can be controlled manually, or as scheduled events, and the operators can receive email notifications or text messages to his or her mobile device if it’s time to change a bulb, or if something isn’t working properly."

The product will be demonstrated at the ETS-LDI in Orlando, FL, November 11-13. For more information about Square D PowerLink lighting control, click here.