The brand new SpectraLed144* product line from Vienna-based LDDE will be launched at PLASA 2006. These LED Products are already "smooth_operator® controlled" and are the first color mixing unit for professional theatre, television, and entertainment applications with an RGBAW configuration of 144x1W high-power LEDs.

Thanks to the compact design of 1200Lx120Wx80H (mm) it can be used individually for surface lighting and lighting effects for stages, events, and show lighting of all kinds.

With the selecting of 36x1W blue, 36x1W green, 24x1W red, 24x1W amber, and 24x1W cold white high-power LEDs the system enabled a full spectrum of colors on stage. The unit is designed and made in the same shape of housing and multicore concept of the popular SpectraConnecT5 and is fully compatible.

Each unit can fitted with two different optical-modules. Due to the split in three segments of the SpectraLED144*, different optical-modules can use in one and the same unit. The beam angles are 10° and 25°. In front of the unit is a slot to insert different frost filters.

The DMX control board and power-supply are integrated and each unit is connected with a power/data cable. This makes set-up and handling on stage simple and fast.

The “soc” technology inside assured very slow flicker-free fades from 0 to 100% intensity. Henceforth soc (smooth_operator controlled) will be the brandmark of mostly all new LDDE products and will guarantee special quality.

"Soc" (smooth_operator controlled) stands for:
• Continuous dimming from 0-100%
• Fully supported brightness control
• Internal 16bit resolution
• Absolutely flicker-free fades
• Digitally optimized color mixing performance
• RGBW values are controlled for color fidelity at all dimming levels
• Separate control of color and intensity
• High Speed: Flash and Stroboscope (up to 25Hz) effects fully supported
• Optimized for TV transmission
This new system starts in October with the first large production

encompassing 22 units at the Bayrische Staatsoper Munich.