Robe Show Lighting launches two new software packages, Media Fusion and Media Fusion Qube Control. Both products are the latest additions to Robe’s Digital Series product line.

Media Fusion software is for lighting designers wanting to mix images and video clips in the same way as they handle their lighting visualizations and setup.

Media Fusion’s features include video playback, looping, and processing from a library of 60 realtime video effects on up to eight layers. The media library can contain up to 61,200 visuals including a folder for video inputs or external camera feeds.

All the parameters like visual selection, positioning, mapping, tiling, blending and masking, effects selection, etc. are accessible via DMX using Robe‘s Dream Box device.

Media Fusion Qube Control software builds on Media Fusion, and has been specifically developed to drive Robe’s StageQubes, ArcQubes, or any other LED products

The software has a fast and intuitive user interface with which to build complex mappings to drive up to 130,000 DMX channels. The inbuilt library features personalities for all the most common LED fixtures on the market and has an easy custom design window.

Both products are already in production.