Production Resource Group, LLC, (PRG) and High End Systems, Inc., (HES) today announced a joint licensing agreement regarding their patent portfolios of lighting and control technology. The agreement goes into effect immediately.

Both PRG and HES have been innovators in developing digital and analog lighting fixtures, systems and controls for the entertainment industry. Both companies hold extensive catalogues of patents in the US and abroad. Under the agreement, PRG will be able to offer licensees a single license that covers both the PRG and the HES patents.

“This means that manufacturers who develop products can conveniently access both PRG and HES patents with a single license from PRG,” says Jere Harris, chairman and founder of PRG. “We expect that this agreement will make it easier for manufacturers to utilize the innovations developed by PRG and HES to extend the range of lighting products available to our industry.”

“Innovation is the lifeblood of our industry, and this agreement opens the door for creative people to build on what has come before,” agrees Richard Belliveau, founder and chief technology officer of High End Systems. “It makes sense that our companies have come together to make that happen.”