Osram Slyvania released two new lamp series: the FLK & ELC tungsten halogen lamp series.

FLK Series:
FLK single-ended, tungsten halogen lamps are engineered for maximum light collection efficacy with optimum performance. This series includes the FLK and the FLK PLUS HPR™ 575/115. This patented FLK PLUS is equipped with a unique internal reflector precisely aligned to reflect light forward resulting in uniform light output, higher energy efficiency and decreased heat output to the seal area of the lamp up to 100°C. ELC Lamp Series:
The ELC series of low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps (available from 50 to 700 hours) have a rugged design and can be used for various applications including entertainment and projection. These lamps are equipped with a dichroic-coated glass reflector (MR16), rugged filament design and for the 700-hour lamp, a Xenon gas fill.

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