New from Doug Fleenor Design is Rerun, a lighting control station capable of storing up to ten 40-minute shows. Shows are recorded by capturing the output of a DMX512 console. The recorded show start and end points may be trimmed non-destructively. Each show can be set to hold the end look, loop to itself, or link to another show.

Rerun Architectural consists of a main station and a power supply. The main station is supplied with a solid aluminum faceplate designed to fit over a standard two-gang electrical box. Single-gang remote stations can be added to remotely select shows. Connections to the Rerun Architectural are power (two wires), DMX512 Input (three wires) and DMX512 output (three wires). Power for the unit can be supplied from a variety of sources, including a 10V Class 2 “doorbell” transformer.

Rerun Portable is identical to Rerun Architectural except it is mounted in a weather resistant Pelican box and includes an attached power supply.

Rerun Rack Mount uses the same brain as the Architectural and Portable versions but is mounted in a single space rack enclosure. Rack mount units are available that record one, two, three, or four universes of DMX512 data. Reruns can stand alone or work in conjunction with a lighting console, automatically switching between recorded shows and console control. When Rerun sees DMX512 data on its input, it retransmits the incoming data. Upon loss of DMX512 from the console, Rerun starts its previously selected show.