SGM has developed Synthesis, the first of a new generation of moving head fixtures designed for professional applications.

In collaboration with OSRAM , SGM has developed two interchangeable HTI 700W lamps with different color temperatures (7200°K and 5600°K), which create the brightness of a 1200W beam. The short arc single-ended lamp’s brightness is aided by its high efficiency custom-designed dichroic reflector and heat filters with low visible light reduction.

Synthesis features automatic hot re-strike, a precise linear dimmer, automatic electronic pan/tilt unlocking, and silent operation. The lamp has automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning, with 540° pan and 270° tilt and 8- or 16-bit resolution. Synthesis is fitted with wireless DMX as standard. It operates in the license-free 2.45GHz band with a radius of over 500m. It works in areas with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS-UMTS signals.

The lamp is separated into three independent modules: first, the CMY CTO dimmer; second, two custom gobo wheels (with eight rotating indexable 16-bit gobos), one color wheel, an animation wheel, and iris diaphragm; and third, focus-zoom, shutter, prisms, and additional lenses, frost. The customizable color wheel features six colors plus white. Color can change in sync with music or blackout. The innovative animation wheel can be rotated 360° on its axis and around the gobo.

Other visual features include: one 4-facet rotating prism and one non-rotating overlapping prism, a linear iris diaphragm and dimmer, strobe with music sync. Plus, an additional lens offers interchangeable functions ( 2nd non-rotating overlapping prism, extension of Zoom range, Wash function). The fixture measures 750mmx400mmx460mm and weighs 39kg.