As of September 2006, Nemetschek North America has updated its entire line of VectorWorks products to version 12.5. Notable enhancements to VectorWorks 12.5 include support for Apple Macintosh OS X operating on the new Intel-based Macintosh, Adobe® PDF import and export support—including batch export, and support for Google™ Earth’s KML files, as well as overall speed and performance improvements.

“The big news for version 12.5 is that VectorWorks is now a universal application—it runs natively on both the Intel and Power PC-based Macintosh,” says Paul Pharr, Nemetschek North America’s chief technology officer. “In a word—it’s fast. We’ve run speed trials that demonstrate 2D drawing, rendering, and 3D modeling operations are up to 12 times faster on a Mac Pro Quad Xeon 3.0 GHz, compared to a Power Mac Dual G4 500 MHz. Users on Windows and older Macs will see some important speed improvements, too. Opening and saving files on network servers is between five and 30 times faster with VectorWorks 12.5—depending on the file, and RenderWorks rendering is up to 40 percent faster. Finally, the ability to both import and export PDF files on Mac and Windows will open up interesting possibilities for VectorWorks offices to streamline their document workflow.”

Other noteworthy improvements to VectorWorks 12.5 include unit matching and intelligent detection of Xrefs for smoother DXF/DWG imports, new and improved drafting tools to increase drafting efficiency, and support for High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) in RenderWorks, which makes creating realistically-rendered objects and exterior scenes easier.

“VectorWorks 12.5 will be like strapping a turbo-charger on our Intel Macs,” says Don Seidel, AIA, Seidel + Associates, Inc. “Our projects get bigger and bigger, so we need every ounce of speed we can get. And VectorWorks 12.5's exponential network speed increase means a lot less waiting and increased production. With VectorWorks 12.5's ability to export layered PDF files, we'll dramatically increase our collaboration and communication. Layered PDFs means clients and consultants can select which layers they want to view and print. No longer will we have to create five different PDFs for five different users."