Nemetschek North America has released VectorWorks version 12.0.1, a maintenance update for VectorWorks Spotlight. Free to VectorWorks 12 users, this product update offers several improvements and also provides new functionality.

“VectorWorks 12.0.1 offers improvements in performance and stability our users will appreciate, as well a number of new features, which will be of interest to all VectorWorks users,” says Paul Pharr, Nemetschek North America’s chief technology officer.

Notable additions to VectorWorks 12.0.1 include new center snapping for regular polygons, the ability to display section views in perspective projections, the ability to import SketchUp® architectural elements into VectorWorks Designer, VectorWorks Architect, VectorWorks Landmark, and VectorWorks Spotlight, 3D image prop support in the Place Plant tool for VectorWorks Landmark, and new lighting device capabilities for VectorWorks Spotlight with RenderWorks.

For complete information on new and enhanced features in VectorWorks 12.0.1, go to: For a free download of v12.0.1 click here.