PocketLD is a database and calculation tool for theatrical and TV/Film lighting professionals from Michael Zinman, the developer of iSwitch DMX and GelCalc! for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

PocketLD allows you to simply enter your throw distance than select manufacturer, fixture, and a lamp to calculate beam/field diameter and fc/lux.

Fixture & Lamp Database Includes:
  • Beam and/or Field Angles
  • Lamp Code
  • Wattage
  • Color Temperature
  • Lamp Hours
  • Candela
  • Candela Multiplication Factor
  • Lumens
  • Website URL (touch to open site within the App!)

Manufacturers Include:
  • ADB
  • Altman Stage Lighting
  • Altman Stage Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
  • Arri; including HID
  • Colortran/Leviton
  • ETC
  • Mole-Richardson
  • Selecon
  • Strand Lighting
  • Strand Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
  • and Generic PAR lamps

More Features:
  • Access the manufacturers website by touching on their respective URL link within the App.
  • Free upgrades include new fixture & lamp libraries.

Additional screen shots and a video demo can be viewed at www.lightingiphoneapps.com.

PocketLD can be purchased for $9.99 via the iTunes App Store.

Questions can be directed to Michael Zinman at michael@zinmanco.com.