Medialon’s latest release of its Windows-based audiovisual control software for applications such as Museum Media Control, Theme Parks Wide Control, Architectural Video & Lighting Control, Live Event Audiovisual Control, and Corporate Showrooms, etc. Medialon Manager V5 can control any audiovisual equipment using any protocol and network. Being software-based, it integrates with IT, opening a wide range of new applications.

Medialon Manager is hardware independent and connects to controlled devices via industrial hardware as well as conventional AV control hardware such as AMX®. It can run in hidden mode where only custom designed interface are visible or in user mode allowing live edition. It comes with free Panel software for custom touch screen design.

Its new user mode allows programmer to hide unnecessary commands to final users, making customization of application fast and reliable. The new “Open Cap” protocol and API will allow other applications to communicate with Medialon Manager Software or programmers to write complex task in other language and exchange with Medialon Manager.