Clever solutions to old problems are what make the Martin smartMAC™ smart. The new smartMAC from Martin is an extremely bright, fanless 150-watt profile luminaire.

The smartMAC features new fanless thermal management. With no dust and pollutants forced into the fixture, lamp life is optimized, service intervals extended (up to 2 years with 9,000 hour lamp), maintenance kept to a minimum, and operation costs reduced.

A highly effective convection cooling system uses the aluminium casing and specially-designed fins to conduct heat away from the fixture head. Fewer moving parts turn a greater proportion of energy into light, reducing heat (and the need for air conditioning) and wear and tear on the system. No need to clean the inside of the fixture, including lens and lamp fitting.

“The smartMAC is a unique product and a significant step for Martin,” states Martin product manger for Moving Heads, Peter Skytte. “We are proud to be the first company in the industry to provide a solution that fully acknowledges the installation market’s requirement for a fixture with low cost of operation. This is a product that can be used across many areas of application, expanding the market beyond traditional night venues.”

Optimized optics provide precise image quality and depth of field that keeps the image sharp even if it is projected at a steep angle to the surface. The field angle is 24.5°, allowing for a greater projection diameter at shorter distances. And the ability to customize smartMAC means you can throw your logo, text or image on any surface, from any angle.

Extremely bright with a total output of 4,600 lumens, the smartMAC supersedes with a 150-watt lamp what others achieve with 250 watts. A long life (3,000 hours) MSD 150/2 lamp is standard, and a very long life (9,000 hours) CDM 150 lamp is also available. The lamp is quickly and easily replaced.

SmartMAC comes with the profile lens as standard. An optional front-end casing is available with a wash lens, which is easily installed with four quarter-turn fasteners to give a soft-edged beam.

The smartMAC houses 8 interchangeable dichroic colors plus open, fully indexable, with full and split positions, offering a broad spectrum of colors. A rotating gobo wheel houses 6 interchangeable gobos (pre-installed glass and metal) plus open which can be continuously rotated or indexed to any required and repeatable position.
And with a convenient flip-easy lid, gobos have never been so easy to change.

Other features include a variable focus that allows for sharp projections at any beam angle. A fast shutter for instant or fade control of light intensity and strobe effects complete the package.

The smartMAC’s stylish design makes it suited for a variety of environments, and a slim mounting and bracket system allows for an extremely flush fit, ideal for venues with low ceilings. Mounting of the fixture is fast, and it is easy to reconfigure, with access requiring no tools. The smartMAC also collects cables in an easy to access port in the base.

Available in black or white, smartMAC has user-configurable voltage and frequency settings, so it can quickly adapt to electrical requirements anywhere in the world.

The smartMAC is industry standard DMX512 controllable or operates in stand-alone or master/slave mode.It meets the new EU RohS standard, meaning no banned substances such as lead solder are used during the manufacture and parts of smartMAC are recyclable.