LMG, Inc. recently enhanced its lighting inventory with Element Lab’s Versa Tube HDs and Versa Tile S2 5x5 and 10x10 Tiles.

“These items add another level to the product mix that we can offer our clients. With these products, sets become alive with colors, patterns and moving images,” says Steve Bodzioch, lighting services manager at LMG, Inc.

Using LED technology that produces a broad spectrum of rich colors, Versa Tiles and Tubes produce effects that would not be possible with conventional lighting technology. In addition, Versa Tiles and Tubes offer flexibility in configuration and layout for coordinated effects. Content also can be created from any graphics program. Versa Tiles and Tubes work by mapping pixels directly from the technician’s computer monitor and have been used in many high-profile television events and concert tours.

Lighting has been an integral component of LMG’s show offerings since the department was formed in 2004. Since then, the department has steadily grown.