In February on, lighting designer Patrick Dierson wrote of Clay Paky’s Sharpy: "Smaller, faster, brighter, stronger are just some of the adjectives used to describe this pipsqueak of a luminaire…It’s safe to say the manufacturer just might have its year to truly shine in the US."

Well, Clay Paky can add "award-winning in the US" to its accolades for the Sharpy, about which one of our judges says, "You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find another fixture on the market right now that produces this much raw output from a head this compact in size. The small unit is also putting the ‘move’ back in moving lights, as the Sharpy’s speed comes close to rivaling that of its moving mirror predecessors." Another judge adds that is has "amazing ACL and aerial effects" and that its output "can stand up in outdoor venues with much larger-scale fixtures. In the club and festival world, this light rocks." Viva Italia.