When MA Lighting first showed the grandMA 2 to designers, dealers, and a few members of the press just days before Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt last year, the questions were buzzing: Can MA top the original grandMA? What about all the variations on grandMA—light, micro, etc.? How many years before the console is actually ready? It seems the German console manufacturer had more than one compelling answer with the launch of not one, but an entire new series of consoles, simply dubbed grandMA 2 and including full-size, light, and ultra-light versions, as well as a network processing unit (NPU), replay unit, and faderwing. “How do you make a great product even better?” asks one judge. “Sex up its industrial design, and update its hardware. Solid-state drive, multi-touch interface, conductive faders, and higher resolution encoders take an industry standard desk into the future and make techno-fetishists drool.” Another judge adds, “The hardware is amazing and a vast improvement.” MA Lighting products are distributed in the US by A.C.T Lighting.