BlackBox (final name TBA) from Cast Softwareis combined hardware and proprietary software designed to act as an all-in-one, bi-directional high-speed communications nerve center that enables all control devices to send or receive commands to each other, including lighting, media, sound, motion, cameras, staging, and performers. Live, realtime input in all forms is received by the unit, which runs an ultra high-speed hybrid version of WYSIWYG that works with a special new file version that is under development. The system receives and converts live positional data about any or many moving objects (selected or deselected for tracking, as required, from one or several sources), establishes the exact 3D positions of those objects, computes instructions in XYZ, yaw, pitch, and roll terms, and then delivers moving positional information to the control devices. Moving lights, set pieces, cameras, etc., therefore, can be synchronized and tracked in realtime and 3D.

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