LightConverse integrates and visualizes multiple show-related disciplines including lighting, video (in/out, 3D mapping), lasers, pyrotechnics, and moving objects (e.g. trussing, video screens, and staging), all within a photorealistic, realtime 3D view. Version 53 features include Vectorworks import, faster rendering speeds, and an improved video playback engine capable of multiple formats. Additional features include 25-60 FPS, 96 DMX universes, multiple connectivity options, LED walls visualization with precise pixel mapping, 32-48 HD video streams (input or playback), the ability to capture video windows from other programs for use as texture or filter sources, standalone video server capabilities, live 3D object IR tracking, and the power to map real-world models in a virtual 3D world and send mapped video out to real-world projectors with automatic edge-blending.

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