Firelinx Aegis pyrotechnic control system from Birket Engineering is designed to be the safest and most full-featured pyro controller. New in Firelinx are six field modules: FM16 Firing Module, Sync Module, Access Control Module, Wind Monitor, Mesh Network Repeater Module, and Wireless Operator Presence Device. The FM16 Firing Module provides 16 channels of UltraSafe operation and unique Instant Continuity testing. The Sync Module provides SMPTE input/output and sources operator-controlled MP3 stereo PA audio. The Access Module allows the operator to set visual “no access” indicators at ladders or access points. Wind Monitors sense wind conditions and provide hazardous condition alerts. The Operator Presence Device provides manual firing and deadman safety features without tethered wires or having to hold down a thumb switch for the whole show.

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