The Cygnus 200W LED wash from Wybron is the first fixture on the market to incorporate red, green, blue, and white in a single LED package, according to the company. The addition of white produces pastels, each mixed within the lens itself. The fixture outputs up to 4,590 lumens and has a 60,000-hour lifespan and a color rendering index up to 92. Advanced dimming algorithms eliminate stepped dimming, and 8- or 16-bit control is possible, as are numerous strobe controls and color chases. Intelligent color mixing, using RGBW total power scaling, achieves the highest possible output without overloading elements. The housing is custom-cast and extruded from lightweight aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish. A single-arm yoke allows various mounting options, whether in a line or array, affixed to a pipe or floor. Control is via standard 5-pin XLR for data and 5-pin XLR connector output for daisy-chaining units. The unit is fully RDM-compatible has an integrated 100-240VAC 50-60Hz universal power supply. Accessories for Cygnus 200W initially include beam-shaping appliances and optional two-armed yokes.