Work lights have gone high-tech solid state with the new LED light engine-powered CentraL.E.D.® recently introduced by Central Tools, which is powered by Lamina Ceramic's BL-2000 LED light engine.

CentraL.E.D. uses Lamina light engines because of their ultra-bright light output and small footprint. The light's 42 LEDs are focused by a high-tech, precision optic that concentrates the light to produce a 40º beam angle. This allows 18 inches of very bright, evenly distributed light to be produced at two’.

"We were quick to recognize the exciting design possibilities afforded by the brightness and small size of Lamina's LED light engines, but we needed to learn a lot in a hurry about this new world of solid state lighting," says Alec B. Dawson, president of Central Tools, Inc. "The engineers at Lamina have been great partners–they educated us about LEDs and dedicated themselves to helping us make a very bright and durable product unlike any other in the marketplace."

The BL-2000 light engine used in CentraL.E.D. is one of Lamina's most popular LED light engines, delivering 108 lumens of brilliant white light. The BL-2000 is available in 5500°K white, 4300°K white, red, amber, green, blue, and RGB–with recently introduced optics and heat sinks. The high-light output from CentraL.E.D.'s small footprint make this product's screw-on light head assembly suitable for a wide range of OEM architectural and task lighting, and general illumination applications.

Powered by internally rechargeable NiMH batteries and housed in high-impact materials, CentraL.E.D. is portable and durable. Other features of CentraL.E.D. include a flexible neck, thin profile for maneuvering into tight areas, Neodymium magnets on the back and bottom, and a hanging hook for placement.