High End Systems Inc.’s Studio Command 1200 is the third model of the Studio Command automated wash luminaire. The 700 version was introduced and began shipping in September 2005, while the Halogen version began shipping in early May.

Studio Command 1200 shares the same features as the 700 model with the exception of the lamp source. Studio Command 1200 uses a proven long-life Philips MSR 1200 source offering a color temperature of 5900K, or may be fitted with an MSR 1200/2 source for a color temperature of 7200K. These models also offer a variable mechanical and electronic strobe, boosted with the Light Burst™ effect, and a mechanical douser for smooth fade to black. Both use 14 channels on a DMX link.

All three models of Studio Command feature a large exiting beam with a compact head. All use a patented lenticular array optical system to enhance the homogeneity of the projected light. The moving yoke fixtures feature an adjustable field angle from 18 to 32 degrees, and a CMY dichroic-color mixing system that provides rapid and quiet color changes.

All versions provide an option for stand-alone programming and support TalkBack™ technology, which allows any DMX console supporting TalkBack protocol to remotely access the Studio Command onboard menu system.

The Studio Command H (Halogen) model offers a 1,000W Tungsten source and a 3,200K color temperature. It works with standard theatre dimming racks. The H model requires 13 DMX channels plus one channel dedicated to the dimmer.