Goboland is proud to announce EvenTech of Scotland as the springboard from which to launch their Gobo Tweaker.

This little gadget incorporates any design from the Goboland Premier Steel Collection into an all-in-one tool, complete with orientation handle for easy alignment of images within the gate of a profile lantern.

The Gobo Tweaker is designed to fit into a standard gobo holder with the handle protruding out of the gobo gate. This allows the gobo to be turned within the lantern into the exact position required and without the use of any additional tools. The heat dispersing holes in the handle ensure this manipulation can be made without burning the fingers while a clip holds the Gobo Tweaker in place to secure it from being knocked out of position.

Gobo Tweakers are made of the same award winning, non-reflective, black coated steel which earned Goboland Black Steel gobos an LDI Best Debuting Product of the Year Award in 2007. They are readily available in B size from the Premier Collection.

Custom designs and other Collection designs can also be produced in the Gobo Tweaker format, ensuring on site alignment of logos and other images is fast and easy.

“We are very proud to be supporting the entertainment and architectural industries in Scotland and Northern England and can see the huge potential that lies within the area. We are excited to be offering Goboland’s services to this area and the response we received at the show confirmed our belief that EvenTech was the perfect forum in which to launch our new product,” states Goboland director, Ivo Dielen.