G-LEC’s B:xel system enables LED video technology to be incorporated into almost any physical structure, including complicated shapes and curves, decorative or scenic elements, walls, and ceilings. Seen at LDI 2007 in Orlando last month for the first time, the B:xel system brings G-LEC LED video technology to the most intricate of spaces.

Like all G-LEC products, the B:xel system can be used on the largest of installations or surfaces. The system uses the idea of building blocks to enable the B:xel to be constructed onto really large structures, while the G-LEC ultra bright LED pixels mean the system is brilliant enough to be used outdoors, even on a sunny day.

The smallest component in the system is the B:xel Stick, which can be cut to just a few inches in length and mounted in any complex shape or curve. The B:xel Stick brings the possibility of high speed, ultra bright video and graphics to any surface whatsoever and is ideal for specific uses in a stage set.

Taking the system one stage further, the B:xel can be supplied with LED pixels on opposing sides, creating a full 360º experience, with the video capable of being viewed from any horizontal angle. Each side can also carry separate video images, effectively creating two screens in one.

The B:xel system also offers the B:xel Tube, where B:xel sticks are supplied inside strong, translucent, flexible polycarbonate tubes, from just a few inches up to 26 feet (8m) in length. As with the original G-LEC Tube, B:xel Tubes can be hung singly, to form a curtain, or in groups to give a true 3D display.

The double-sided B:xel Tube used in a 3D arrangement enables the creation of complex 3D displays using the B:xel control software. The new software enables playback on multiple layers and the B:xel system can be controlled from any DMX512, MIDI, and SMPTE source, as well as standard video input. Logos, signs, and graphics are easy to digitize and reproduce with the G-LEC LEDs’ 16 million colors.

G-LEC offers the B:xel Sticks and B:xel Tubes in two resolutions: 1½ inches (35mm) and 2 inches (50mm).