Elation Professional’s Opti RGB has switched to using higher-grade Neutrik™ 3-pin Data Connectors for DMX In/Out, improving the connection durability especially, when used by rental /production companies.

“With the upgraded Neutrik connectors, lighting operators can be assured there will always be a seamless flow of DMX data from their controller into the Opti RGB, and out from the fixture to other daisy-chained units,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. This will eliminate the possibility of breakage from heavy use, or of weak or interrupted DMX signals from the older XLR connectors, which can sometimes cause spotty performance.

“We wanted to improve the Opti RGB’s control connectivity, and we felt the best way to do this was to switch to Neutrik connectors, which are really tops in the market with their exceptional quality and reliability,” adds Loader.

Users will also appreciate another major new development that occurred recently with the Opti RGB. The fixture has been awarded cETL approval, a recognized industry standard in both the US and Canada, indicating that it meets the highest levels of quality and safety.

The prestigious cETL seal is awarded only after rigorous testing of a product and its manufacturing facility, notes Loader. He believes that the Opti RGB’s cETL status will further broaden the market for the already-popular color changer, allowing it to be used in more venues that require electrical compliance certification throughout North America.

“A growing number of facilities will only allow lighting products that are electrically certified and built to safety standards, because this ensures that the product is professionally built and completely safe to operate,” says Loader. “The Opti RGB now bears this distinctive seal of quality, so it can be used anywhere certification is mandatory. It will also be more attractive to rental companies, since it can go anywhere and the cETL label, a recognized equivalent to UL, will assure their customers of its safety and reliability. We are going for both UL and or cETL approvals on more and more products. ”