Elation Professional has added several new upgrades its DMX-compatible Waterfall 250 water simulation effect.

The all-new Waterfall 250 PRO features 20% more light output, plus the ability to create multi-color ripple effects, thanks to the addition of several thin multiple dichroic color filters to one of its slots. Other upgrades include a dimmer and remote focus.

A mood-setting effect that’s ideal for nightclubs and dance floors as well as stage shows and theatrical productions, the Waterfall 250 PRO features six colors plus white and six split colors on textured glass wheels, which produce a water-like appearance when light shines through them. Users can individually control the speed and rotation of the Waterfall 250 PRO’s two textured glass wheels.

When used without a DMX controller, the Waterfall 250 PRO features improved stand-alone controls that let users select the color they want and keep it static as long as they want it. They can also set the fixture to scroll through all the available colors at different speeds.

The Waterfall 250 PRO comes with a 250W, 3,000-hour lamp.