Elation Professional announces that its two new six-channel dimmers, the RMD-620 and DP-640B, have been granted UL approval. Both models are hybrid Dim/Switch packs; the RMD-620 is a 19-inch rack mount unit, while the DP-640B is an upgraded version of Elation’s DP-640 model.

“We are very pleased that the RMD-620 and DP-640B have received UL approval. This signifies that they have met or exceeded the most rigorous safety standards in the industry,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “We anticipate a widespread demand for these two new dimmers from clubs and installations where UL-listed lighting gear is required, as well as from lighting designers and rental businesses who want to offer their customers the highest assurance of safety and professionalism.”

Here’s a closer look at the two new dimmers:

RMD-620 – A 19-inch rackmount digital pack, the RMD-620 features three-pin DMX512 input and output. It has a 20-amp load capacity per each of its six channels.

The RMD-620 comes with a standard terminal output panel on the rear, but offers a number of different panel interface options (sold separately), including Edison, Socapex, Stage Pin, and Power Con. This gives the RMD-620 the versatility to be used in a broad spectrum of applications.

“Every application’s different, which is why we have a variety of interface panels available,” explains Loader. “In a permanent installation, they may want to go with a direct Edison panel, whereas if they’re building a rack they probably need the terminals, which they can use with our power panels and mount onto a 19-inch rack. A Socapex connection is most often used for production, while Stage Pin is used in a lot of theatres. With all of these optional panels, the RMD-620 can be used anywhere. ”

For added flexibility or as a backup in the event of DMX failure, the RMD-620 can also function as an analog unit. Equipped with analog output, it has 12 internal chase programs, as well as Last Scene Hold.

Other features of the RMD-620 include individual or block channel patching and individual channel curve option setting. Channel curve settings include: Linear, Square, Non Dim, and S-Curve. Minimum channel output setting ranges from 0-30percent, and maximum output ranges from 70-100percent. The RMD-620 also includes power failure memory and high quality chokes for minimal noise. Weighing 21 lbs. and measuring 17” x 19” x 3.5”, it takes up two rack spaces.

DP-640B – Along with UL approval, this new version of Elation’s DP-640 offers another enhancement that users will appreciate: circuit breakers. Two 20A circuit breakers have been added to the unit.

Each of its six channels can be assigned to Dim or Switch mode, and there are dual 20A Edison sockets per channel. Other features include: Digital DMX Address, Patch Address, Local Control, and Dim/Switch. Using the onboard Local Control, operators can adjust the dim intensity from 0-100percent per channel.

The DP-640B also features Panic Function Dip Switches, which allow users to select desired channels to be constantly on. The unit includes three and five-pin XLR inputs and outputs. Compact and lightweight, it measures 19.7” x 6.5” x 3.66” and weighs 7.5 lbs.