Elation Professional has turned up the power on one of its most successful DMX moving heads. The company has introduced the Design Spot 575E—a larger 575-watt version of its popular Design Spot 250 “hybrid” effect, which functions as both a spotlight and a color wash.

Like its more compact cousin, the Design Spot 575E is a professional-quality moving-head fixture that offers both frost and iris capabilities in one unit. The frost feature is what allows it to function as a hybrid, taking away the hard edges of a spotlight and converting it to a wash-type fixture. The frost is variable type, so users can control how much edge is taken away, from hard edge to soft to no spotlight edge whatsoever. The iris allows users to pinpoint performers at any distance and is also capable of creating an eye-popping pulse effect.

Now in its brawnier 575-watt version, and equipped with a Philips MSR 575/2 SADE 575-watt 750-hour lamp the 24-channel Design Spot 575E’s lightweight electronic ballast reduces bulk and makes it easy to transport for a fixture of its size. It is also equipped with an all-new rotating animation wheel, which allows users to create dynamic vertical and horizontal effects such as clouds, rain, fire, and water, for added visual excitement and versatility.

Gobo morphing is yet another effect of the Design Spot 575E. With its dual rotating gobo wheels, users can create the popular morphing effect via gobo overlay. The unit includes 12 interchangeable metal and glass gobos: six rotating and six static; six of the gobos are glass, and another six are made of metal.

The Design Spot 575E relies on the CMY flag system for rich and beautiful full color mixing. With eight dichroic filters (seven colors plus white), the unit can perform continuous variable speed color scrolling in both directions for a rainbow effect. More color combinations can be created by overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo and the colors on the color wheel. The Design Spot 575E also has a true UV filter, which, combined with its frost filter and high-output lamp, delivers an outstanding UV wash effect.

“With its unique animation wheel, 12 interchangeable gobos on two wheels and a gobo overlay effect, the 575E allows you create a lot of really cool moving designs,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “Combine that with the power of true CMY color mixing—something that other moving head spots in the same price range typically don’t have—and you get the perfect combination spotlight and color wash. Any fixture this versatile and efficient is sure to be a hit among lighting designers and rental companies everywhere.”

The Design Spot 575E’s optical system draws on the brilliance of its high-output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector. The unit delivers an impressive output of 29,700 lux @ 2.5M. It offers 15º to 30º linear zoom system as well. All lenses are anti-reflection coated to minimize glare and distortion.

Other effects on the Design Spot 575E include a three-facet indexing prism that rotates in both directions at variable speeds; strobe effect (1–13 flashes per second); pre-set variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect; and a dual flag mechanical dimming system. A fully rotating moving head fixture, the Design Spot 575E has a maximum pan movement of 630° in 2.0 seconds (default) or 540° (user selectable) and a maximum tilt movement of 265° in 1.5 seconds.

Equipped with 24 DMX channels, the Design Spot 575E features Elation’s exclusive RDMX (Remote DMX Addressing) capability, which allows users to change the unit’s DMX settings remotely from any universal DMX controller.

To add to the unit’s flexibility, its new 32 character digital blue LCD menu display offers more detailed user feedback on the unit, including showing the fixture operating temperature. It even offers a customizable user mode that allows the user to create their own “personality” for the unit, assigning channel functions to any channel they require. This is ideal when a show is pre-programmed already to another fixture type and you want to save on programming time by adding the new fixture in.