BSR E1.28, Guidance on planning followspot positions in places of
public assembly, is available for public review on the ESTA website
through January 14, 2008. The document offers advice on planning
practical permanent followspot positions in theatres and arenas.
Sometimes positions for followspots are less useful than they might be
or are useless because they are placed so that obstructions keep the
light from reaching performers, the passage to the followspot position
is so tight that large equipment can't be moved into position, or there
is too little power to operate a followspot suitable for the throw. The
draft E1.28 document is intended to help people avoid these problems.
The document and its supporting public review materials are available

In addition to being asked to review the document to see if it offers
adequate advice, reviewers are asked to look for protected intellectual
property in the draft. ESTA does not warrant that its standards contain
no protected intellectual property, but it also does not intend to
adopt any standard that requires the use of protected intellectual
property, unless that property is necessary for technical reasons and
can be licensed and used by anyone without prejudice or preference for
a reasonable fee. Any protected intellectual property in the document
should be pointed out in the comments.