Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) today announced that Dialight Corporation, the US subsidiary of UK-based Dialight plc (FTSE: DIA.L), will license Color Kinetics’ full patent portfolio to support its LED application initiatives in the architectural, entertainment and general illumination markets. The worldwide license applies to sales of Dialight products in all markets covered by Color Kinetics’ patent portfolio. The agreement also gives Color Kinetics access to Dialight patents as they may relate to enhancements to Color Kinetics’ technology.

Dialight specializes in the application of LED-based lighting technology and enables OEM partners to develop complete LED-based lighting solutions. Through its agreement with Color Kinetics, Dialight will now be able to offer its partners the unique features that are covered by Color Kinetics’ patents -- complementing Dialight’s SpectraMix® control system and associated intellectual property.

“We’re very pleased to support Dialight in its plans to enter new markets with intelligent LED lighting offerings,” said Bill Sims, president and CEO, Color Kinetics. “We believe there are many market opportunities for this technology that will continue to grow through third-party product development. Our mission, in part, is to fuel that growth through licensing relationships built on our strong intellectual property.”

“We view this agreement with Color Kinetics as an important next step in driving forward our initiatives in the North American market for solid-state lighting,” said Roy Burton, group chief executive, Dialight plc. “We also believe this agreement will be a major factor in stimulating the adoption of LED technology by our OEM lighting fixture partners.”