Coemar’s recently released CycLite LED is a digital cyclorama whose brand new optical system (an exclusive Coemar patent) features powerful LEDs and advanced color mixing (RGB + white source).

Three unbound rotating bars (motorized in the two-cell version) allow symmetric and/or asymmetric light output with linear adjustment of incidence angle. It is equipped with 96 (48 in the compact, single-cell version CycLite LED SC), high-output LEDs 1.2W each. The RGB + white LED interaction provides the brightest colors and the same full white seen in conventional light sources.

CycLite LED is an energy-saving and multifunctional device: dimmer, infinite-shades color changer, light source projector, strobe effect, and optics with precision adjustment, all at the same time. Long life LEDs come along with durable mechanical frame and solid, modular clamping (easy camlock hooks mounted on an adjustable rig, or specific floor-standing feet).

CycLite LED is also available in outdoor IP65 weatherproof version.