W-DMX Black Box Outdoor Transceiver is an IP65-rated version that works in any conditions, from -5° to 125°F (-20° to 50°C). Built-in AC/DC accepts a 90-250V universal power supply and standard RP-SMA antenna for FCC regulations. It is able to transmit wireless with up to 19 miles (30km) between transmitter and receiver. It is also possible to link a transmitter and receiver together to create a virtual repeater and avoid transmission problems such as building height differences in city areas. It can handle up to 512 DMX channels with true plug and play. The system can be used between console and first fixture and cable link to all other units connected in the same universe or “point to multi-point” where each or several fixtures have a receiver. A complete set of accessories with different antennas and cables is available to complete the range. Standard finish is black, but custom finishes are also available.
Wireless Solution Sweden AB
Uddevalla, Sweden
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The 80V Lower Voltage Power System is used extensively in Europe for 1,200W fixtures. It is available for use in venues with sine wave dimmer installations, or it can be supplied with a separate transformer. The system utilizes the 80V 1200W lamp and can be used with all Pacific optical systems including the Pacific 5HE Fixed Beam for very long throw applications. Used with the Pacific 45-75 lens tube, this system delivers the light output of a 2kW Fresnel, making it suited to single source key for highlights.
Selecon Lighting
Forest Hill, MD
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MagicQ consoles feature a 12.1" color LCD, touchscreen, eight encoders, and 10 masters. A total of 202 playbacks, including masters, playback wings, and virtual playbacks with full cue stacks can be active. Detailed programmer and cue contents windows are included, and it is possible to modify any programmed parameter live for flexible busking. Comprehensive options to customize the desk to your preferences include tracking/non-tracking behavior. Groups are automatically generated according to gel color and head type, with full effects, personality, and gel libraries tied together with spreadsheet style editing of show data. A PC version of the software is available as a free download. The fully functional software can also work as an offline editor/programmer. External USB wings with built-in DMX widgets are available.
ChamSys Ltd
Southampton, UK
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The Ribalta is an LED color-changing projector for both indoor and outdoor applications. It combines 90 high-power Luxeon LEDs as a light source and has an IP65 rating. It creates an evenly diffused field with remote control of intensity with RGB color mixing and color temperature by DMX or RS232. Six different sets of lenses make the projector suitable for permanent or temporary installations in a wide range of applications. A specially designed asymmetric lens allows it to evenly illuminate long surfaces, such as walls. The color temperature is 5,500K and can be varied linearly. It includes on board stand-alone control or an optional IR remote control.
Orlando, FL
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Rainbow Color Changers scrollers feature fine-resolution movement, especially running on very slow speed. With a new electronic system, the classic color changer will be able to increase its performance. Features include a special color mode to avoid the burning out of filters with a low transmission value; lower voltage tolerance and over-voltage protection for the highest operational safety even with long cable distances; addressing without PSU connection via special adapter; and adjustment of different operational modes via control channel with easy recall from the console. Older models can be converted easily to the new electronics.
Paderborn, Germany
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WARP/M is the automated version of the manual WARP fixture. The motorized yoke links into the Warp ring controls, providing automation of all other functions including focus and zoom, shutter insertion, rotation, and gobo rotation. Unique ring controls are toothed, which allows them to be accurately and repeatedly controlled by the motorized yoke. The shutters and gobos can be continuously rotated, offering a wide range of potential effects. The fixture is controlled by any DMX lighting desk and is also Ethernet (ACN) ready. Setup can be performed via a standard PC with an ordinary web browser. All features are formatted as web pages, so no additional control software is required. The whole unit is extremely quiet, with no fan noise, no thermal noise, and quiet adjustments via the ring controls. The motorization unit provides data outlets for the direct attachment of DMX color changers.
Zaventem, Belgium
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The automated blinder ARC is a high-performance unit controlled via DMX with 16-bit resolution for precise positioning. A range of 360° pan and 270° tilt enables highly flexible positioning. The unit does not require a fan, reducing noise levels. Its safety cable can be run through the yoke. Without using any special connectors, 15" Rainbow Color Changers can be added to the fixture. DMX and power for the Color Changers are distributed throughout internal wiring and sockets at the rear of the blinder. In case of power outage, the last position remains stored, and reset is not necessary.
Paderborn, Germany
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Light-Switch is designed for single and multiple room lighting control. The product is available in both UK and US style wall panels directly from the UK office. It is a DMX512 playback system, controlled by 14 illuminated buttons. Features include three pages of eight memories. Each memory contains all 512 channels and an Independent Fade Time. A fourth page provides six sequences with variable step times and direction control. The entire system is programmed by a PC application, Switch-Edit. Once programmed, the show is downloaded and programmed to flash memory. Switch-Edit contains a moving lamp library and fully implements both post and pre-master channels. This feature allows all types of DMX devices to be freely mixed. The product can also be programmed by recording DMX512 from another console. Up to 30 panels can be connected to a single DMX512 cable. The slave panels can be programmed to control specific zones or rooms. Only one Cat5 cable is needed to connect all the panels and dimmers.
Artistic Licence
Middlesex, UK
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