American DJ’s LED PAR cans, the P36 LED and P64 LED, offer lighting users benefits like RGB color mixing, energy efficiency, low heat and long lamp life. With the release of two new Blinder versions–the P36 LED Blinder and the P64 LED Blinder– which combine multiple LED fixtures onto one lighting board, the company has multiplied the wash-type effect of these LED PAR cans.

The P36 LED Blinder comprises eight P36 LED pinspot PAR cans, while the P64 LED Blinder brings together four of the wider-beam P64 LED PAR cans. Both Blinders are designed to color wash larger areas and are well suited to stage use, rentals, clubs, and working bands. They can be set up either on the floor or mounted on American DJ’s LTS-6 lighting stand.

Due to their LED light source, the P36 LED Blinder and P64 LED Blinder are capable of sophisticated RGB color mixing, allowing users to create virtually any color of the spectrum.

The power-efficient P36 LED Blinder and P64 LED Blinder run on low voltage, making them extremely economical to operate. The LED lamps have a long life, so users will also save on maintenance.

Since LED-equipped fixtures generate limited ultraviolet emissions, the Blinders also produce very low heat. This makes the P36 LED Blinder and P64 LED Blinder great for stage applications, because they help maintain a safe and comfortable temperature for musicians and performers. The Blinders will not cause fading or discoloration when placed near an object or surface, so they’re also ideal for highlighting displays and exhibits, as well as for close-range architectural applications.

Both the P36 LED Blinder and P64 LED Blinder are DMX-compatible. Both units offer direct DMX connection, so no power pack is required to plug them into the controller. The Blinders also offer manual focus of the wash coverage area, allowing users to tweak their lighting presentations to perfection.