American DJ introduces Vizi Spot 5R , the Jellyfish LED effect, and two new fixtures to the Revo Series of LED moonflowers. The Vizi Spot 5R is a DMX moving head with the output of a 575W at about half the size and using less than half the energy. The fixture uses Philips 8,000°K Platinum 5R discharge lamp technology, rated at 2,000 hours. Features include seven dichroic colors, eight rotating interchangeable gobos, a three-facet prism effect, gobo scrolling, gobo shake effect, and 0-100% dimming.

Another new offering from the manufacturer is the Jellyfish LED effect, with 84 RGBW lamps and housed in a clear plastic case. It radiates color through its transparent housing for two effects: either a bright red, green, blue, and white beam projector or a glowing case that changes colors. The DMX-compatible effect can also be run in sound active and master/slave modes, and it features built-in programs, a color strobe, and 0-100% electronic dimming. With no moving parts and 100,000-hour-rated LED lamps, it’s virtually maintenance-free and draws 13W of power.

Building on its Revo Series, ADJ has also introduced Revo 4 and Revo Rave, both of which can run via DMX, or in sound active or master/slave modes. Revo 4 features 256 5mm RGBW LEDs that create box-like geometric shapes. Revo Rave creates very wide beams via its 162 5mm LEDs. Both units have a 100,000-hour lamp life.