Gary Mass and Noel Duncan have something to do other than run Inner Circle Distribution. They've diversified and become involved in the iPhone app revolution.

Their company, Wetapps, LLC, has just released version 2.0 of Playlist Creator for iPhone and iPod Touch users, the aim of which is to takes playlist organization to a new level, giving users the flexibility in creating, editing, renaming, and deleting lists without syncing to iTunes.

Duncan recalls how he and Mass hatched the idea. “We were sitting watching a programming session where the programmer had all the songs on his iPhone," he says. "Every time the band would change the order of the show, the programmer had to whip out his laptop and rearrange or make a new list. It took 10 minutes or more and was, frankly, a pain in the ass. So we sat watching this and thought, 'Huh, why don’t we make an app for that?'”

“We are always traveling promoting our company brands, Coemar and Hazebase," adds Mass. "Because of TSA and the hassles of traveling these days, we try to fly as light as possible, so no laptops. This app solved many problems for us. We can now be stuck in Atlanta, sitting at the bar, and make a playlist, or we might be on the road in the middle of nowhere-ville driving to our next appointment and make a playlist that fits the mood.”

In its latest version, updates include faster performance, album art view, shuffle, a scrub bar, reorder of playlist, and editing while listening to music, Users can also create lists on iPod Genius or Smart Playlists and load it into Playlist Creator.

Purchase and download here.